Club Officials

Justin Scott - Chairman

Founder Of Wolverhampton Subbuteo Table Football Club in Late 2016. As with most players, Justin Started playing as a child back in the 1980's and was ranked as Midlands number 2. Justin won the UK Club event with the original Wolverhampton Club and in 2021 was part of the current batch to win the new version of the UK Club event. Justin has won various other honours but is most proud of the club's development so far. In 2019 Justin took his team to Lisbon, Portugal to take part in the Europa League.

Richard Badger - Committee Member

Richard started playing in the late '80s with Athletico Wolverhampton before helping Nigel Harris form a rival club, Wolverhampton Falcons. He won quite a few trophies during his time here but in the mid '90s he left the club due to work commitments and also felt the club had lost is fun appeal. Richard made a couple of short comebacks which included linking up with Nigel Harris again after he reformed the Falcons. In 2017 Richard agreed to join Wolverhampton STFC following Justin Scott reaching out to him on facebook. Richard was part of the team that went to Lisbon in 2019 and won the UK club event in 2021.

Mick Hammonds - Committee Member

Mick returned to the game in early 2017 when he received a Subbuteo set for Christmas in 2016. A junior champion back in '80s Mick's skills quickly returned to see him crowned the inaugural WSTFC League Champion and Cup Winner for 2017. Mick has since achieved many other honours which included him winning the first Player of the year award. He was also the first club member to win a tour event. Mick along with the other two Committee members, have been involved in all team events that has seen them go to Portugal and claim the UK Club Event in 2021.