Back In Full Swing With A Brand New Twist

On Sunday 27th June, Wolves TFC met up for the first time after a long break away due to the covid 19 pandemic. There was nine players who turned up for the opener which included the ESA chairnman Justin Finch. A great night was had with some great table football played, a little bit of friendly banter and of course due to us now playing at the Wolverhampton Electric club a couple of drinks. Since then the club have missed just one Sunday due to England breaking all English fans hearts once again. The club has gained some new members and with it a new system for the season ahead. The club has decided to break away from the League format due to many seasons where players have not fulfilled their fixtures. Instead the club will hold mini tournaments where players will be rewarded points for where they finish in the competition. The new format has run for the past two weeks and seems to be a hit.


Same Old Club, Brand New Venue

Wolverhampton TFC are back in business on Sunday 27th June 2021 after a long break due to covid. During the lockdown we were forced to look for a new venue after the Poynings became unavailable. However following a couple of visits to two different locations we are pleased to announce we are going to run from the Electric Club in Chaple Ash. We have run a few tournaments there in the past but this time we will be using one of the smaller rooms downstairs. We have also been and had a look at the Mayfair club in Dudley and once they open up we will plan to run a few Waspa events there.


Subbuteo News Is Back


Subbuteo News was a popular magazine for all Subbuteo players during the '70s and '80s. The magazine was full of up-to-date news plus results and league tables from around the UK. Well now the ESA (English Subbuteo Association) has brought the magazine back. The magazine will be available to all ESA members via a PDF download on the ESA website. The first edition is now out which includes a feature of our very own club along with articles by Justin Finch, Bob Varney, and Mike Dent.


Website Back Up And Running

Wolverhampton TFC_400px.png

During the current Covid lockdown, the club's website site went offline for a few months. With news coming out that it may soon be possible to start playing Subbuteo again, we have been working behind the scenes to get things back up and running. One of the first things we have done is to get the website back up and tidy it up a bit. The mobile version is the one that needs the most work and is starting to look a lot better.  

Wolves TFC Make The Sports Pages

Wolves TFC have appeared in the sports pages of two local newspapers during 2020 following the club's trips to Portugal and Scotland. The Express And Star published an article on Wednesday 12th February 2020 while their sister paper, The Chronicle Week did one eight days later. You can read the full article for the Express & Star by clicking on the 'Subbuteo stars flick their way into Europe' pic.

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