Lincoln Flickers Women's World Cup 2019


This competition was based on the Women's World Cup 2019. There were seven players who attended and each was given three teams. To win the competition you had to amass the most amount of wins through the day so although winning the final would help it did not guarantee you won the event.

The format for the group games was 10-minute games with only 7 players allowed. In some cases, you may not have had an opponent so to determine the result of this game you had to take shots to determine your result. Score any of the first three to win 3-0, 2-0, or 1-0. If you failed to score any of those a fourth shot could earn you a 1-1 draw. Miss and the final shot decided if you lose 1-0 or 2-0.

In the knock-out stages, games were 15 minutes long and you had two extra players. Drawn games went straight to shots however if you won the game on shots it did not count towards your games won tally.

Result: Mick Hammonds finished top with 11 wins while Richard Badger finished second with 8. Andrew Garbutt despite getting to the final finished third with 7 wins.

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